About David Douglas

Name: David Douglas  —  Residence: Dallas, TX  —  Birth Place: Jonesboro, AR  —  Birth Date: April 10  —  Zodiac: Aries
Degree/Education: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Arkansas State University; studied Statistics at University of Memphis

Influence of Film

I have no idea when my love for film began. Was it when I was a toddler, or was it ingrained into my nature before I was even born? Because, honestly, I cannot remember a time when I wasn't watching and adoring movies. I sometimes wonder which was my first movie to watch. But, alas, I will probably never know. Regardless of how it came about, the love has grown and influenced my life over the years.

I never considered filmmaking as a hobby, a profession, or in any form until 2005. It was then that I wrote, produced, directed, filmed, and edited a short film, The Passenger. It was a small project with only a few friends gathered to help me turn my idea into reality. However, that little project was a huge influence on my life. Unfortunately, no, it didn't turn me into a feature film director, but it did boost my confidence in my abilities. In 2006, I helped a friend film his own short film. Then, in 2007, I wrote a new, much longer script, Fire Lake, which I hoped to also turn into a film. I was set to play the character of Trip. A couple of friends were set to play Joe and Chris. Sadly, though, I couldn't find enough interested, reliable people to fill out the rest of the cast. So the filming of the project fell through. Nevertheless, I'm still proud of the script and the determination I had while writing it. And again, it was a good experience that influenced my life. If I had not written Fire Lake, I don't think I would be writing today. I wouldn't be writing short stories; I doubt I would be writing any poems; and I certainly wouldn't be writing a novel, The Seahorse and the Mermaid.

David Douglas
David Douglas outside the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, TX  –  April 30, 2015
Cinephile, Writer, Mathematician, and suitor of Princess Toadstool.

Cinephile ~ (a film or movie enthusiast) – I have been a movie fan for as long as I can remember. However, I don't think I knew how great movies could actually be, until I joined a DVD-by-mail service in 2006 and was able to watch movies from around the world. The movie stores in my area mainly carried big-budget, Hollywood movies. So I was not exposed to many Classics, and almost no Foreign films, which are now my two favorite types of films to watch. Even so, I find there's nothing better than an intricate mystery brimming with suspense. Hence, my favorite movie overall is Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window, starring Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly. View my top 10 favorite movies.

Writer ~ (a person who composes prose and/or poetry by writing) – I have found writing is a good way to actually do something tangible with my imaginative ideas. My first major writing project—outside of school—was in 2007, when I wrote a screenplay/script called Fire Lake. It was inspired by the Bob Seger song of the same name, and referenced many other Bob Seger songs in the characters' dialogue. Sadly, I was never able to make a film, as planned. Regardless, I am still proud of the creativity and effort I put into writing it. And in some ways, it changed my life. I realized that I was actually capable of writing an original, interesting story. Later in 2011, when I suddenly wrote two poems—having no interest in writing, or even reading, poetry previously—others were surprised in that I would even consider writing a poem. I was surprised as well! Here is what I wrote about the occasion: "This afternoon, words began shuffling around inside my head. So... I decided to write them down. The words freely flowed out of my mind, almost saying, 'Thank you for releasing us.' The result: a poem!" Anyway, after the initial shock subsided, I received many wonderful compliments about my poems, which is very encouraging. In 2014, I, again, wrote two more poems. As of February 2015, I am fully focused on writing my suspenseful mystery story, The Seahorse and the Mermaid.

Mathematician ~ (an expert, specialist, or student of mathematics) – I have always enjoyed mathematics and have a talent for it. In college, I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree. I have also taught Calculus and Calculus/Trigonometry classes at a private high school.

Suitor of Princess Toadstool ~ description coming soon!