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David's backstory is rooted in Arkansas, but his call to adventure began when he moved to the DFW metroplex and found opportunity to pursue his true, lifelong passion: writing. He crossed the threshold when his short story, "The Bruised Banana," won awards in two Texas writing competitions. Now, continuing his writer's journey, David has completed a couple of stage plays, is currently writing his debut novel, and is an active member of several writers organizations. His ultimate goal, beyond publishing his romance/mystery novel and its planned sequel, is to become an acclaimed playwright. read more >>

At its heart, most of David's writing (regardless of length, format, or genre) is an exploration of love — examining both the joys and woes of the basic human desire: to love and be loved. Additionally, David's one-of-a-kind stories are praised for their compelling characters, thrilling twists, and his signature soupçon of odd occurrences.

Love will find a way to be what love is.
— "It's All Okay" Julia Stone

In October 2017, David wrote his first play, Railbird. A few weeks later, he wrote a 10-minute play, The Dance. As he explores options to bring these plays to the stage, he is continuing work on his first novel, The Seahorse and the Mermaid — a romance/mystery set in Texas.

Chapters complete: 17 / 40 — 52,200 words

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