10-minute play – suspense, drama – 1M/2W

Toby tells Amber of the dark figure he has repeatedly encountered since the death of his previous girlfriend. Amber offers a logical explanation, but Toby knows what he saw. And what he saw, moments ago, was the mysterious figure lurking outside Amber’s window. learn more >>

  • October 17, 2018 – draft completed

Flower Delivery

5-minute play – drama, romance – 1M/1W

Aaron delivers a bouquet of flowers to a beautiful young woman and manipulates the situation to create an unexpected moment. learn more >>

  • August 4, 2018 – draft completed

The Dance

10-minute play – drama, romance – 2M/1W

Tereza is engaged to the love of her life, but past lies and a disapproving father will soon jeopardize her happily ever after. learn more >>

  • November 19, 2017 – draft completed

Heart Beater

10-minute play – science fiction – 1M/2W

ABOUT – Heart Beater was conceived, written, edited, and submitted in under 48-hours, as a part of ScriptWorks’ 2018 Weekend Fling program.

  • November 18, 2018 – draft completed