The Stirring

a one-act play by David Douglas


Length: 50 minutes; 44 pages
Genre: drama, thriller, romance
Cast: 3-4 men; 3 women
Setting: Various locations with minimal sets, including a downtown sidewalk, an apartment, and a diner.


A broken sidewalk catapults Andy out of his wheelchair and into the life of Christine. For Andy, it's love at first sight, confirmed by an unusual “stirring” inside his chest. However, when Andy suspects Christine of deadly misdeeds, he must decide if love is worth the risk.

About the Play

After writing the one-minute play, Broken Sidewalks, David was inspired to write a new, longer story involving the brother and sister characters of ANDY and JULES. Additionally, The Stirring includes and references JOE — the same character from Railbird.

Production History

  • July 21, 2019 – draft completed


  • Finalist – Fiction – 2019 Pen 2 Paper creative writing competition

If you killed somebody, no, I wouldn’t tell nobody on you.
…If somebody hurts you, then I’m gonna kill somebody for you.
— "Sister" K.Flay